PROJECT BUILDER vs CUSTOM BUILDER Building a new home? Consider the PRO’s and CON’s of a Custom Builder vs Project Builder We have recently been approached by friend who had bought a block of land and was looking to build. They had visited several display homes and project builders but were becoming confused and as they put it, “getting lots of shock therapy” when they saw the quotes. They contacted us and asked what is the different between us “builders” vs these project homes in a display village. First things first, there are pro’s and con’s to both. Anyone that tells you otherwise is obviously pushing a sale or trying to mislead you. Secondly, there is no right or wrong choice – you need a builder to suit your needs. All builders offer different results, services, pricing, and time frames but in the end, we all build to the same building code standards. We have put together the below table with notes to help provide a comparison of the typical custom bui…
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Zero Net Carbon Display Home

The features of a Zero Net Carbon Display Home

To celebrate Sustainable House Day in 2019, Metricon Homes launched its first ever Zero Net Carbon Home. This display – the Delta 29MR – was built in Officer, Victoria, and is available to inspect today to prove that Zero Net Carbon Homes look no different to any other.

What is a Zero Net Carbon Home?

You might have heard the term “Zero Net Carbon Home” before – but what exactly does it mean? A Zero Net Carbon Home is a home that is designed, built and tested for energy-efficiency and comfort. It is specifically designed to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, aiming to maximise energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a home designed to save you money over the term of your ownership and to ensure comfortable living through consistent indoor temperatures; which means a win for your hip pocket, and the environment.

How do you build one?

If you’re inter…

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