What is a duplex

Duplex: What is a duplex & are they a smart investment? What does 'duplex' mean? The meaning of a duplex essentially consists of two homes built on a single block where the two residences share a common wall but have separate, independent entranceways. For all practical purposes, each home in a duplex property is an independent entity though they may exist under a single roof. Both units could either share a common land title or have separate titles after subdivision. Image: Twin Falls Hamptons - Lot size 435sqm with 16m width (Bluegem Homes) Why duplexes? Simply put, a duplex is a more affordable way to own a largely independent house, especially in an exclusive neighbourhood or a premium suburb. Given the runaway property prices in major urban areas across Australia, duplex homes like townhouses, make for an excellent investment for new home buyers as well as investors. A duplex delivers almost all the benefits of a detached house at about half the price, m…
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