The perks of buying a display home

The perks of buying a display home

If you have ever dreamed of buying and owning a display home, read on…
The Kuro by Webb & Brown-Neaves.
The Kuro by Webb & Brown-Neaves. Credit: Joel Barbitta/Supplied.


Sold complete with the modern furnishings hand-picked to suit, Webb & Brown-Neaves Sales Manager Peter Chellew said ABN Group display homes were great for style-conscious buyers seeking financial perks.

“Buying a display home as an investment has many benefits,” he said. “Most important is the six per cent rental return across ABN Group displays, which is substantially above normal rental returns.

“You have the perfect tenant, with the home being maintained in pristine condition as a showpiece for the builder.

“No agency fees eat into your return as the property is managed and maintained by the builder.

“Fixed lease periods are also available, with a display generally operating for two years.”

This process is called a leaseback, with the purchased home leased back to the builder until it closes the display home.

While it may mean you cannot move into your home immediately, the wait time often equates roughly to that of building a new home, according to Homebuyers Centre Sales Manager Roger Pyne.

“Sometimes we will have a display that can be moved into within three months, but mostly it will be after 12 months minimum,” he said.

“The advantage is when the buyer moves in, everything is done.”

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“There are repeat buyers of display homes, which demonstrates they believe they are a good investment,” Dale Alcock General Manager New Homes, Developments and Projects Cameron Lade said.

“Buying a display home is the same in principle in terms of buying a rental or lease property. The main difference is you have us as impeccable tenants.”