Zero Net Carbon Display Home

The features of a Zero Net Carbon Display Home

To celebrate Sustainable House Day in 2019, Metricon Homes launched its first ever Zero Net Carbon Home. This display – the Delta 29MR – was built in Officer, Victoria, and is available to inspect today to prove that Zero Net Carbon Homes look no different to any other.

What is a Zero Net Carbon Home?

You might have heard the term “Zero Net Carbon Home” before – but what exactly does it mean? A Zero Net Carbon Home is a home that is designed, built and tested for energy-efficiency and comfort. It is specifically designed to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, aiming to maximise energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a home designed to save you money over the term of your ownership and to ensure comfortable living through consistent indoor temperatures; which means a win for your hip pocket, and the environment.

How do you build one?

If you’re interested in building your very own Zero Net Carbon Home, here are the features of the Delta 29MR that helped Metricon achieve Zero Net Carbon.

Solar Power System

The first one might be the most obvious – equip your home with a solar power system. Solar panels on the roof convert sunlight into affordable, sustainable energy. That saves you money on your power bills.

You can further enhance your solar system by adding a solar battery. These batteries store excess power captured during the day and allows you to use it at night or during overcast periods.

Benefits of a solar power system:

  • Renewable energy source
  • Can reduce electricity bills
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be used in areas without access to the energy grid

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